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Understanding How To Train For A Bjj Match
Phoenix BJJ Competitions And What You Need To Know
BJJ practitioners know that competing is a great way to step your game up to the next level. Hell, if you have participated in any sport, then you get how healthy and fun it is for you to step out on the floor or field and go against another individual or club.
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If you`re new to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and have thought about competition, we hope to help you discover many more reasons to get out there, missing the opportunity. Being new to the sport can be scary if you have never engaged another or scrapped before now, engaging in combat with another fighter should get the heart pumping and your soul fired up. Once you finish your 1st Brazilian jiu-jitsu match, you will start to gain a better feel for the flow and the intensity of the competition. We included additional suggestions to help you get energized and take action!
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Entering Competitions As A White Belt
The first belt you get is white, entering a local tournament will help your jiu-jitsu . The other white belts will be wet behind the ears and just as nervous as you. In some situations, you may find that your first BJJ match is against a Judo practitioner and that they have a pretty big advantage when it comes to takedowns.
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After your blue belt promotion, the players are in a different place mentally and physically, have have attended more classes, and have spent ample time as a blue belt and competing. This thought process can be applied as you get promoted, and this is why I think it`s a must for beginners to roll as often as humanly possible prior to promotion.
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Then again, if you think about it, you could have reservations about a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament because of nervous tension, and anxiety, but there are other variables that may prevent a BJJ practitioner from entering a tournament. recurring body injuries are always a problem, age can be a harsh reality, finances have been a problem for lots of athletes, personal schedules don`t always workout with the tournament schedule, and like most people, employment situations and family time can intervene and derail you rolling time and competition attendance. If you can deal with this in life and still make it to the show, great job! If not, show up to the gym and your roll will arrive.
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So let`s pretend you have propelled past those things I just talked about, what do you do now? If you have been rolling on a regular basis, then you know that separation is in the preparation and that you should consistently drill on strategy and conditioning to make a good performance in the tournament. BJJ is full of competitors similar to you that are regularly rolling and deciding whether or not they enter the competition. Everyone has that voice in the back of our skulls that launches every excuse not to show in our face, and if you can block that voice and stick to your training you will train successfully for years to come.
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Making The Right Decisions Preparing For Your Tournament
Getting Proper Training For Your BJJ Career
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If you`re lucky, you decided to train at a real place to roll, and you have stayed away from the tools in this country that self promotes and runs outside of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu unspoken rules. Believe me, there are plenty of people out there rolling around with a Black Belt and are a disgrace wearing it. This known to happen in smaller towns, but with high speed mobile phones at your disposal, you should be able to look around and get info on who`s who in the zoo. With the best team of people working with you, especially if they enroll in competitions, you will receive world class instruction from competitors that can share with you what you can expect to see in competition. A solid Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym will also help to get you ready physically and mentally for the tournament.
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Take Advantage of Your Mat Time
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If you want to be promoted through the belt levels, it will require you to fully commit to it. If you`re just considering this and just searching for a workout, or a head rush, this should be perfect for your goals. On the flip side, if you are thinking about competitive matches and want to amplify your ground game to the next phase, you must put aside time for training, rolling, competition rolling, and weight training. Top tier athletes in this sport observe all of this and you need to also. Creating a routine for your workouts will benefit you as a competitor in all sorts of ways.
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Strengthening Your Mind For BJJ
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Just as important as the physical part of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it`s crucial that you train to be mentally prepared as well. If you have been present at a BJJ event you will observe elite athletes collapse in the peak of the match. Mental errors are regular, and athletes that have prepared most exit the competition a champion. It`s something you will want to pay close attention to. There are sports psychiatrists that help competitors to get their minds prepared for competition day. Some practitioners benefit from the feedback, and many roll perfectly fine without it. If you have thought about rolling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it`s is a process you would benefit from considering.
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How To Train Your Body For BJJ
Showing up to class is one aspect of the physical assets athletes need to compete. Competitors need to be solid, light on their feet, and have a set of lungs. some could have a tournament with many fights, or it may be more. Challenging your core for the muscle shock you will encounter is important. Weekly training isn`t enough, you will want to try resistance lifting, weight training, body motions, and exercise your grips. You won`t know how exhausted your hands becomes until you have battled in an event. Your grip and arm strength need to be solid if you want to grab a gold trophy. The food you eat is and water is really important at this point, if you drink beer, put the drugs in the cabinet for a some time and focus on your training. The rate that you can do all of this is up to you. If your schedule is not an issue, get in as much as possible, fitness is always great for the body. By preparing like this, you will lose some weight, build endurance, improve cardio, and strengthen yourself for the tournament.
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Why You Need To Learn Takedowns To Improve Your BJJ Game
Most BJJ academies begin on their knees, engage, and fight. In a match, the competitors face off on two legs, then one fighter pulls guard or takedown, and the rolling begins to advance. The energy spent standing and attempting for a takedown will be extremely tiring, so train for a couple of takedowns and attempt to get good at those techniques. Don`t waste two minutes standing and jumping around, usually I would rather my enemy would pull guard in place of us jumping around attempting takedowns, it`s tiring and nobody wants to view that. Get your takedown skills before you fight, or you might find that you are in a place that you are unfamiliar with and the battle could go against you before you recognize it.
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Understand The Limits Of Your Frame
The majority of athletes are gym rats, they spend 1-hour or maybe more a day rolling, and 1hour or more a day training cardio and resistance training. Some athletes just aren`t as invested. All is good though, because no matter where you are with your BJJ journey, you have to understand your limits. Your body will talk to you and you must acknowledge it. If you get hurt due to submission attack from your training partner, tell them to dial back on the arm, or if a leg is hurting from takedowns, take a break, and start beginning from the ground. Bruises and injury are all a part of the business, as you would expect from any combat event where you were matched against others. Know the limits of your body, let your physical-self heal, and treat it well while it heals. If you prioritize quality maintenance and injury prevention your Brazilian jiu-jitsu career could run longer if you can prevent major setbacks.
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Let You Gym Become An Extended Part Of Your Family
You also want to be mindful of the support you offer to the group you roll with and the academy you practice at. Should you enter a competition, don`t forget that you will be joining the team on tournament night and trying to win as a whole for your team. The bond is like a family that gets formed when you compete with other team members that are like you showing up for the same end goal, and also for the same school. That relationship amongst each other returns back with you to the school each day when you grapple. It`s great for your soul, and it`s another amazing reason why competing quarterly is ideal for growing your BJJ skills.
Why Learning About BJJ Competitions Will Help You Make The Right Call
There are plenty of local matches that you can compete in during the year. Usually, there are 1-2 large tournaments, then a bunch of smaller competitions that are there to help you get those sets in prior to competing. Don`t forget when signing up for your first tournament that there is Gi grappling and No-Gi grappling, so make sure you sign up for the right match. Gi events are common for anyone that just started Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it`s easier to hold on to something than it is to get your hands when you start at the beginning for no-gi events . Know what you want, but the basic concept that you can latch onto threads in a Gi event makes for a less complicated competition for newbies and for practitioners that have never rolled in a No Gi tournament.
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Why Training With Multiple Partners Benefits Your Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Remember when you compete in city sponsored events, you will represent your school, but chances are if you show up more often than not, you will begin to establish friendships with people outside of your gym. These friendships should be beneficial for numerous reasons. We have a few gals in the academy that are leaders in jobs that I receive professional support in. As an example, 1 guy runs a chiropractic clinic, another is a cop, and one dude is an teacher. I have used those services of the oral surgeon for my daughter`s orthodontics. Grapplers in the academy visit the Doctor all of the time, these are considered bi-benefical friendships. Working with and talking to practitioners and students provides a legit introduction to gals you probably would have not had the chance to talked with. It`s solid for your BJJ career, and it`s healthy for the local community of fighters.
Learn How To Grapple Out Of State
If you like to hit the open road, or just want to experience a change of scenery, rolling in another city is crazy of fun. Jump on a non stop flight to a neighboring state, then you can make it out for a out of state match. There is some extra thrill in that, it`s fun getting out there and rep`n your academy. Competing for first place on someone else`s land can be exciting. Have fun, build new friendships, make contacts, and get home to your academy with 1st place bragging rights to your rolling team. Trust me, that is rewarding.
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Every Reason You Should Compete In A Local BJJ Tournament
And that`s my take, after reading this you need to, have a look at some of these competition websites for competition dates and times in your city. Commit to a time that will work for you and give it a try.
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